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Bad Religion – September 19, 2008 – Saskatoon

Bad Religion, obviously eager to meet their fans, were mostly all out in the crowd during the first two opening acts of Ultimate Power Duo and The Briggs. Jay Bentley and Brooks Wackerman walked around, watching the show, checking out the sales tables and talking to fans. Time passed and it was their turn to perform.

Imagery from Epitaph Records.

Bad Religion, sans-Gurewitz, nonchalantly stepped out of the darkness around the stage of the (Venue). They have been on the stage since the early 80’s, and fourteen albums later, they have nothing to prove to anyone. As of late, their shows seem to have become almost a time for them to party and fool around while performing for their fans instead of just a job where they get on stage, perform and leave.

21st Century Digital Boy kicked off their set list, an old time favourite, and followed by the newer epic, New Dark Ages. The new epic was followed by their blast from the past, Suffer. The first three songs encompassed Bad Religion’s nearly 30 year career in the Punk Rock business, and nearly 30 years later, they have not lost their edge and appeal to the crowd. They performed a surprising amount of twenty-eight songs, including an acoustic set from their deluxe reissue of New Maps Of Hell which included such songs as Won’t Somebody and Dearly Beloved. The crowd left Greg Graffin on stage after that, much to his joking dismay, and he began a song solo. Bored and Extremely Dangerous came out of his guitar and voice and during the break in the song, the lights dimmed, he got off stage, the silhouettes of the rest of the band coming on stage could be seen and for the latter half of the song, the band returned in full on punk rock, contrasting and juxtaposing the acoustic first half.

Bad Religion performed many such staples as Generator, Infected, Sorrow, No Control, American Jesus, and some older more rarer songs such as News From The Front and Anesthesia.

Despite a nearly 30-year long career, Bad Religion shows no signs of slowing down or waining in their art.

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